About Samhain Contact Lenses

Samhain Contacts Lenses was established to give you, the customer, the opportunity to buy the very best in high quality custom theatrical contact lenses rival anybody's anywhere online. We also provide the very best in customer service and satisfaction.

The purchase and or use of any and all items available on this website are subject to the following terms:

Theatrical Contact lenses are medical devices and as such should be fitted on the order and under the care of a licensed eye care professional. All necessary precautions, directions, instructions and advice from your eye care professional should be followed at all times with regard to the purchase and use of these theatrical lenses. Proper instruction should be obtained from your eye care professional on the insertion and removal procedure for your theatrical contact lenses. Your theatrical contact lenses can be worn for no more than eight hours a day, or as directed by your eye care professional. Sharing of theatrical lenses is prohibited, due to the danger posed by the spread of micro-organisms between users, which can cause serious eye infection and or other eye health problems. This could result in the loss of sight.

You acknowledge and represent that you are at least 18 years of age. If you are under 18 years of age, the purchase of these theatrical lenses must be concluded by your parent or legal guardian. You acknowledge and agree that these theatrical contact lenses are for theatrical use only and are not intended for daily wear.

Liability Clause: Neither Samhain Contact Lenses nor any of it’s employees, agents, or representatives shall be held liable by you, the purchaser, against any claim, loss, damage or personal injury caused by the use or misuse of these theatrical contact lenses, whether to you or a third party.

All images and material represented on this website are the exclusive copyrighted property of samhaincontactlenses.com. Use without the expressed written permission of samhaincontactlenses.com is prohibited.

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